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Working on stucco and plastering projects might seem easy, but it’s actually a challenging process that requires special skills and advanced tools. So, if you’re planning to update or repair your home’s stucco, it’s best to hire a trusted stucco contractor like Melendez Plastering. We are based in Akron, OH, and we assist our customers with stucco installation and plastering projects. Book an appointment with us now!

Stucco Service

Stucco Service

Experienced Stucco and Plastering Specialists

We’ve been working in the stucco service industry for 24+ years, and our experience has helped us master advanced techniques while taking our skills to the next level. To hire seasoned plastering and stucco application experts who can bring your project to completion and deliver excellent results, make sure to call us.

Modern Stucco Techniques and Equipment

As a trusted stucco contractor, we have partnered with reputable companies that supply us with the best possible stucco and plaster. This allows us to complete all stucco and plastering projects using first-class materials that are durable and attractive and deliver world-class results to our customers.

Melendez Plastering is the right company to approach if you need a professional stucco service in Akron, OH. Give us a call now at (330) 237-3920 and schedule your appointment!

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