Affordable Stucco Repair: Mastering Hard Stucco Application

Welcome to Melendez Plastering, your go-to company for affordable stucco repair in Akron, OH. We specialize in challenging stucco applications, an innovative, long-lasting, and durable exterior finish solution.

Complex Stucco Application: The Modern Solution for Your Building’s Exterior Finish

Our company has mastered the art of complex stucco applications, quickly gaining popularity among building owners due to its exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements. Unlike traditional cement-based stuccos that require regular repaints and repairs, our challenging stucco applications are crack-resistant, moisture-resistant, and UV-resistant.

  • The process starts by preparing the surface with a sturdy base coat.
  • We then apply the base color—staccato layer- depending on your chosen texture.
  • We finish with clear coats or paint with an elastomeric coating so that weather will not erode it.

The Benefits of Our Hard Stucco Applications

Investing in our hard stucco application service comes with several benefits:

  • Durability: With our advanced technology and technique, we guarantee outstanding resistance against cracks, water damage, and UV rays.
  • Affordability: Upgrading to our unique style will save you a lot of money since there will be little or no interruptions throughout its entire lifetime
  • Versatility: HSA can take all sorts of texture that suits your preferences be it Tuscan finishes, Skip trowel, or Bird feathers finished style providing an impressive appearance on your walls’ exteriors.

Contact us today at (330) 237-3920 to schedule an appointment and experience the extraordinary benefits of our affordable stucco repair services in Akron, OH. Our team of experts is always ready for a customer’s opinion with no commitment charge. At Melendez Plastering, we are committed to transforming your building into a beacon of style and durability through our innovative hard stucco application solutions.

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