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Do you want to add that extra touch to your walls or ceiling? Well if yes then we are here to add beauty to the ignored spaces of your home. If you live in Akron, OH and looking for a reliable stucco service in town, Melendez Plastering is here at your service. But why choose us? Here is why:

Why choose us?

Your home’s exterior walls and the ceiling in your interior are generally overlooked spaces. People usually add simple paint to these spaces to avoid the cost. But with us, you don’t have to be cautious about spending more because we are a standard stucco service in town that will amplify the walls and ceiling in your home at an affordable price. We have made your home renovation and remodeling an affordable affair.

We have stucco contractor professionals who are smooth at their job and will create designs or install ornamented stucco to your ceiling perfectly. You can also talk to us if you want to repair your existing stucco. The stucco may sustain some damage due to the temperature conditions or exposure to extreme conditions. So you can call us and we’ll repair the damaged stucco and make it as good as new. Now, your walls and ceiling will also be differentiating elements because of our services.

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If you want assistance from a professional stucco contractor in Akron, OH for enhancing the look of your home, then contact Melendez Plastering. You can call us at (330) 237-3920 and we’ll be happy to assist you. We will deliver what you expected but at a pocket-friendly price. Contact us to know more about our most professional and reliable services.

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